Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG]

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Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG] Empty Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG]

Post by Shifare on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:16 pm

Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG] 6eed90a11ac7abf1bbfc1b8208e430a6_original

Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG] QE1iWpXP24tEyW809XvRVG4yeqR4Ey2FsNlw1VbD5cBj__loOaWKqqo_B30F5515dF_hvDgC8x6WGPHf1-MCk251Hsv8qTwbghJo49dX679igRM2ctEdphJqhlmEVWy6a7nL2fGbn9COfaiPJ5ZVhEgPvwXvbz-VEnC_Tqb2Qinw9Qq_mVo1hBwjogMsrObLTZI4cBHYROtWNXOOlxnkwq6y-jxck5BnopciU7zHxyy_ayI1cYWdUBWx-N47Y444RwjthyugcDA_i3bNa8Y2TioWvW4IlCsbepgngJ8UEL5Eguk4wPAnTDodoPbXtvNJHBy6uQ52B26B1JCadDtYhWKfbA5Dte3BEWfigC7hoL5SBy8xlP5A6M-i0IR8ueda_y4CZGvFs0O27w7KHlGiqIPdsG_Mwryk-MJ4-SVHTnPwblC_WNGJKQQBQy6hbMp-R0xQ3VwwtuTNXeWT0mMBqYLUYktNnFwLAEtNQ0hgWdVWeDKhc7w_GVyZ5_VB-TPv7rMhkl3Ax39jzBX0dzDK4POaepsDnl1nAZhg7_KX57oANc2CUsnyhZsWja231ojvnsujZjhZ6Ug5dZO6ZuoYOio1lE1jKO0UyPdY7wYeApX2_Sz7=w704-h455-no

Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG] 21fae7f756aabfc349ab0565dd9a4269_original

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Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG] Empty Re: Cerberus : The Brazen-Voiced Hound of Hades [BG]

Post by Teowulff on Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:39 pm

One of the four 4RP area attack monsters (Cerberus, Hydra, Ladon and Chimera).

8 8 0 2 10 Cerberus
7 7 1 1 10 Hydra
8 8 0 2 8 (fly) Chimera
8 8 1 2 9 Ladon

Cerberus is a simple but effective Guardian with two area attacks. Although Cerberus must choose to perform a single 8-dice attack or a 3-targets area attack of 5, whichever is best. Very similar to the Hydra or Ladon - except the hydra seems to be more sluggish and the Hydra and Ladon have a very big area of effect ("all enemy units within range").

Note that Cerberus has 3 attacks: his normal attack and two special attacks, of which he can only do 1 per turn, much like Ladon and the Hydra, whose area attacks are Special Attacks as well.
The Chimera's the odd one here: his area attacks are active powers  - so he can do 2/all 3 in one turn (depending how "end of turn" will be defined). Quite a difference! The price you pay for this is that while Ladon, the Hydra and Cerberus only attack enemy units, the Chimera does an all-target area attack - so he's a more offensive unit.


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