Expansion Codes for Creatures and Maps

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Expansion Codes for Creatures and Maps Empty Expansion Codes for Creatures and Maps

Post by Shifare on Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:38 pm

To make it easier to see to which expansion the creature / map belongs we made a list of expansion codes and added them behind the creature names.

In this list I did not add the possible retail expansions (like pan and spiders). All the SG's are considered Base Game at the moment. This might change later on.

BG = Base Game
KSE = Kickstarter Exclusive
POS = Poseidon
HEL = Hell Judges (the whole add-on is KSE)
HEP = Hephaestus
HER = Hera
COR = Corinthia Expansion
RTI = Rise of the Titans
ECH = Echidna’s Children
OVS = Oediphus vs The Sphinx (the whole add-on is KSE)
HTW = Heroes of the Trojan War
PSP = Paolo Sculpt Pack (Circe/Pigs/Aphrodite - the whole add-on is KSE)
THE = Thermopylae map pack (the map add-on is KSE)

The Manticore does not get a code. Since he is alone in his add-on box. He does get the tag KSE tho.


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