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"Open Waters" [POS] Empty "Open Waters" [POS]

Post by LeiPak on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:21 pm

Mythic Games wrote:Now you may think that maps full of sea aren’t as much fun as fiery forges or portals to the Underworld. However, they are the setting for a whole new sort of battle… [...] Aquatic creatures will find this entirely to their liking as it means they get a movement boost. Land units will be less happy about the watery deeps, but war isn’t supposed to be fair, and they have their own new toys: ships.

We have not been provided with a name for the Map yet... I'll edit that as soon as we know more!

We have already been provided a small snippet from the map:
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However the full Overview of this Map is taken from the Description of the Thermopylae Expansion:
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Artwork for this Map is done by: Georges Clarenko

Artwork and Pictures taken from the MB:P Kickstarter Campain.

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