Forge of Hephaestus [HEP]

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Forge of Hephaestus [HEP] Empty Forge of Hephaestus [HEP]

Post by LeiPak on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:15 pm

Mythic Games wrote:One side is the Forge of Hephaestus himself, with the twin channels of water and magma that feed it. The channel of water has a current to drag along unwary units, though aquatic units can swim along it as normal. The magma channel is hot, very hot, and falling (or being thrown) in hurts.

Unfortunately, up to today (Dec. 6th 2016) we haven't seen any Artwork of this Map.

In case something new comes up, or I am mistaken, just let me know and I'll update the Overview.

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