For those who did not get everything, what did you get and why?

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Re: For those who did not get everything, what did you get and why?

Post by LeiPak on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:27 pm

Teowulff wrote:
LeiPak wrote:You are probably right there! Most units which are to be found in the expansions have their "equal"  unit in the core game. I.e. the Bull has the Minotaur, Greyon has Cerberus or Hydra and so on...
No no .. Geryon is actually rather unique and very useful! The only unit with adjacent area Guard!  Smile
It's the Chimera that can be roughly compared to Cerberus and Hydra ..
Yeah, you are probably right there Very Happy That was rather a bad example Very Happy

Teowulff wrote:
However for me it was mainly about the minis, not about the abilities! And there were just some I couldn't leave behind Very Happy
I can imagine! Although I tend to analyze everything I also have a preference for impressive sculpts.
Having a great sculpt AND great stats is the best combination, though!!!
Definitely agree! Even though it may sometimes be hard to imagine whether a "good" ability will also work in the game, or whether you'd have to draft your whole army around that ability Wink

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