Hyppolyta : Amazon Queen [BG]

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Hyppolyta : Amazon Queen [BG]

Post by Shifare on Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:38 pm

Copyright by Mythic Games – Pictures copied from Kickstarter campaign

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Re: Hyppolyta : Amazon Queen [BG]

Post by Teowulff on Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:07 am

I really like her sculpt!   Razz

Not really an impressive fighter but a utility character that hides behind the lines surrounded by Troops to give her at least a bit of protection while she pumps out hands full of cards to get you max activations (and deplete your deck very quickly). If there are Troops in her area she actually is 6/8, a bit stronger than her 3RP sister Penthesilea. Her Close Protection or Palanx and her ability to prevent 2 wounds for 1 AoW will definitely help her to stay alive longer than you would expect! And you will want to keep her alive as long as possible.

I'd say she's a more useful unit than her sister. Handy when combined with AoW - and activation card-hungry units, Pandora, Atlas - or when fighting against Hecate or Persephone. To get your army up to speed and keep it going, she probably works best when you recruit an army that gives you an above average number of AoW cards. As you start with a hand with 3 AoW cards, you could already play her in turn 1 - and draw 1 and get 3 (5-2AoW) extra cards in turn 2. She would work particularly well with units like Athena or Agamemnon that don't require AoW cards to allow for extra activations.

Her talent to discard 2 AoW cards to draw 5 is really unique and rather valuable. I can't really think up a lot of decks where she wouldn't be useful.
And for a bargain price of 2RP you get 5 activations. I predict we will see her being used a lot! as she's almost too perfect for her cost.

Now i just hope her dashboard won't change before the game will be finalized!

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