The Myrmidons [BG]

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The Myrmidons [BG]

Post by Shifare on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:47 pm

Copyright by Mythic Games – Pictures copied from Kickstarter campaign


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Re: The Myrmidons [BG]

Post by Rhalius on Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:35 pm

This is another one of those troops that likely will end up being far more usefull than they may appear on the surface.

5 attack and 6 defence is not bad for a troop, thats 6-7 when bolstered.

Only taking one wound per attack + that mighty throw seems a very solid combination that allows you to get them in the thick of a fight with the purpose of throwing someone to where you want them, disrupting the enemy's synergy amongst troops.

Two attacks would need to be done on them to stop their advance, which is a lot of attention to put on a mere troop. And would cost an art of war card in most cases.
Of course there are exeptions, but in most cases it would take up both attacks that can be done against them.

They are not a fast troop of course, I think the best strategy would be to keep them near and maybe slightly behind your strong heroes/creatures.
And during the battle move them into a space with many enemies in kind of a suicidal attack. They can survive enemies with initiative and others that deal damage before they can attack after all.

That 4 dice attack might just be enough to throw someone, finish off a nearly dead but still very dangerous unit, or lower the hitpoints enough of a powerfull unit so that they can no longer use this or that special ability, or become immobile.

Many strategic options for the Myrmidons for sure! And they look great.


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